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Advanced Training

Michael provides direction, and guidance to support clients in broadening their self-awareness, perspective on life, and to open their minds to the realm of open possibility, which allows clients to reach their goals more expediently. Being open to direction, to … Read More

The Gym

As an intuitive healer Michael explores the interface of body, mind, and soul, through the conscious, and the unconscious realm with the intention to guide clients to a healing through authentic expression, and the “wisdom of the body”. All conflicts, … Read More

My Story

Michael integrates a new perspective of cutting-edge, performance-based functional fitness training, merged with Developmental Psychology, NeuroPsychology, and Somatic “Body-Centered” Psychology, infused with spiritual principles for a truly holistic “Whole-Body” life transforming experience. Our bodily systems, and embodied psyche are designed to function … Read More

Being Active

The “Whole Body Coaching Method” is for self-aware and striving individuals who are ready to take control of their emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual lives for greater focus, and to harness their own internal power. The removal of our minds … Read More


Michael focuses on expanding client’s inherent ability to distinguish “one’s way of being,” through critical insight, and access to their inner truth, which then allows clients to create a results oriented life in alignment, and balance, with their life purpose. … Read More

Success Stories

Michael’s training system works miracles! When we started training I was 240 pounds; my body and heart where both very weak. I followed Michael’s exercise program and in 6-months to the day I have lost exactly 50 pounds of body fat! Steve … Read More